Murder Mystery Evening

A Simple Act of Murder.

It’s the end of the 1950’s and notorious conman Johnny B. Bad has taken full advantage of selling false Hollywood dreams to a number of people who dream of leaving their dreary lives in search of a little stardom. But when his promises are revealed to be nothing more than lies he finds himself caught in an investigation by wannabe reporter Oliver Closeoff. Things only become more complicated when Johnny B. Bad is disovered dead. Murdered to be precise. Was it the Marilyn Monroe wannabe? The jilted Jazz Musician Phil McKrevis? Or another one of his would-be victims?

Join A Play Fitted Theatre Company as they return to Chateau Rhianfa with their 1950s inspired Murder Mystery for an evening of twists and foul play. Work together to crack the case while enjoying the fabulous food at this stunning venue.


Our 2020 dates will be announced shortly!